On 11 October 2016, CNBC released the article „Renewable energy could offer security as global tensions rise“ including a short video on the German Energiewende including interviews with Hans-Jochen Fell and myself: „It’s already a well-established fact that renewable sources of energy are clean and increasingly cost effective. But with parts of the world gripped by […]

Kraftwerk in der Dämmerung


Tens of thousands of steel workers are demonstrating for the future of their jobs. And rightly so. The steel industry has come under pressure due to a massive global oversupply. Steel companies, along with the German Minister for Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel, were quick to find a culprit for the crisis: the European emissions trading system.

The European steel industry has suffered from surplus capacities for years. The situation has recently become increasingly dire for the sector, as the faltering economies in Russia and China have started to flood the global market with their subsidised steel at prices that are far below the manufacturing costs and impossible to compete with for European industries.